Floors, sweat, and tears (Beach house #76)

So you know how sometimes, you should just leave things the hell alone?


So the footprints all over the floor were like little ugly blemishes everywhere. They were annoying, especially given the week of backbreaking work it took to get there, and took the whole look down a level. You could totally tell they were footprints all over, too – you could even perfectly see the fine waffle print in the HVAC guy’s prints. I had wanted those floors to be gorgeous. I wanted glamorous. I wanted a comeback in oak.

And I almost had it – if only I’d put down cardboard overnight after I sanded. Or known about what wet footprints would do. Or taken off my shoes, and asked the HVAC guy to do the same.

If only I hadn’t then tried to fix the damn things.

Because sometimes…


Things are better off…


Left well enough….




I could slap myself. I am so angry. I RUINED THEM.

Another two 12 hour days – I had thought I wouldn’t have to work this weekend, and instead I ended up only seeing my family for about 3 hours total – and all I did was make it even worse. I feel sick about it. Now it looks old and patched instead of new and beautiful. Like, why did I even bother if it was just going to end up looking almost as bad as it was before?

So at this point I have 3 choices. 1) leave it alone, for god’s sake, it’s only a rental or 2) get the floor sander back and suck it up and work some more, for another $150, or 3) get a floor refinishing company in here and have them just fix the damn thing – for $500 if I’m lucky.

And honestly? I don’t know what to do. I feel like I should just leave it be and forget about it and plan to refinish for real in 5 years. Maybe tomorrow, with all the dust spread around more evenly and the final finish cured, it won’t look so bad.


It was so close to perfect. So Close. And I worked so hard, my body and joints have been aching for days. And I’m damned if I’m doing all that work again. So guess what I’m tempted to do? I’m actually tempted to spend money and have the pros do it.

But I don’t like spending money. And so I think: they’re just floors, floors that are going to get ignored and beat up and scratched right away. And we’re not trying to sell the house, so does my deep frustration and disappointment in the floors even really matter?

So I don’t know what to do. What do you think?

4 Responses to “Floors, sweat, and tears (Beach house #76)”

  1. Susan Alexander Says:

    Oh that is heartbreaking :'( I couldn’t leave it like this. Personally I’d have the company come quote it and decide from there. But I’d be highly tempted to have them do it. <3

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Thanks to a generous donation, I’m having a professional come re-do them next week!!! Whew!

  3. Stacey Says:

    Oh Diana. I am so sorry to see those floors!

    I guess it you are going for a top dollar rental you need to fix them, if not leave them be and re-due in a few years when the rental in empty and has damage added to this mis-hap.

    I can assure you, renters don’t give a hoot. Even the ones who rent houses and just apartments.

  4. da Says:

    Hey Diana, you are way too over-stressed. After spending so much time and labor, you will forever remain distressed no matter what you do. My advice is: Go on, spend the money, hire a professional, get it over and cleanse your soul!

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