Progress in the back (Beach House #77)

Got another day’s worth of work done on the back porch today, in between putting coats of poly on the disappointing, despised Devil Floors. Got two out of three walls insulated and drywalled – put in a couple of electrical outlets while I was at it, too, that’ll be hooked up after the electricians come for their final trim-out.

Looks a little brighter in there!


Made a smooshed-together panorama of the back wall, since there’s no good photo angle out there.

back drywall

Not too exciting, but another checkmark (almost) checked off my list. I still have that remaining 1/2 wall to do, and then all the taping and mudding of course.

Once we get permission to make that an official, REAL room, it’s going to be such a perfect little laundry/mud room. In the mean time, I’m going to order some plexiglass to keep the rain out of that giant gaping hole and hope the county doesn’t call me on it.

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