What a smart girl

Little ButterBean is beginning to talk to us! Y’all saw her “meow” in the video, right? Well now she points to any kitty – outside, in a book, on TV – and says “Weow!” to it. I think that’s her word for “kitty”. So yesterday she heard Butter scratching in the litterbox in another room and looked up at me, said “Weow? Weow?” and pointed in the direction of the sound. She was asking if that was a kitty in there! Yes she totally was, I don’t care what Josh anyone says THAT WAS A SENTENCE Y’ALL.

This morning she was playing with Josh, got bored and started to crawl to the door. Josh laughed, so she paused, grinned, waved “bye-bye” and left.

The other day she asked for nursey twice by making the sign.

She can point to her belly, hair, nose, and toes when asked (provided she’s in the mood).

Also she gets really excited and says “ba! ba!” when we start running the bath.

Also she can say “down” about 50% of the time. And she knows “Dada” and can point to him if we ask her where he is. So she knows “where” and “Dada” too.

And then this happened this morning:

So by my count (including “hi” and a point) that makes five signs she can make. And she understands what, ten words too?

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    socute.now if only I could sign…

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