All is not terrible (Beach house #78)

I know the last few posts were gloom and doom, but not everything is awful. Progress is being made, to the point where I’m now down to dealing with only the millions of small detail-loose-ends type of things. Doorknobs. Trim. Shelves. Coat hooks. Screwing in the dishwasher.

The biggest change lately: new countertops!


Suddenly the kitchen is… kitchen-like. And I’m very pleased with how the soapstone-look goes with the paint and cabinets. I think it blends well. Sorry the photo is sort of dim.

Breakfast bar area:


(I got those pendant lights from Habitat for Humanity for $10. I just saw the exact same ones at Lowe’s for $70 each. Made me feel pretty good.)

And from the other side looking into the kitchen:


I know the whole point of planning is to make things happen in┬ájust the way you want them to, but even so it is pretty cool (and a bit eerie) to see the kitchen actually looking exactly like the mockups I’d drawn initially.

2 Responses to “All is not terrible (Beach house #78)”

  1. Susan Alexander Says:

    So exciting! You really are getting close!

  2. Candy Says:

    It is looking amazing! So close to being done! I know you are excited to have it complete and behind you. Then, on to find a new project!

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