Trimmed out (Beach house #79)

The trim is on, the nail holes are puttied, the joints are caulked, we are ready to paint!!! And somehow, this baby seems so much closer to finished. So close.




The windows actually look like windows!

Apparently I accidentally set the bathroom window back too far when I installed it, but that ends up being just fine because we made the windowsill extra deep and now it can function as a shelf.


The thresholds have been installed, which I think covers up the very last of the naked framing in the house.


This task pretty much sucked, since all the floors are at different levels. So I had to take a piece of oak stock, rip it down to about 3/8″ thick, and then carefully cut a quarter round to fill in the other side. On the living room threshold, the floor was slanted so I had to cut a 5 foot long quarter round at an angle. They’re not perfect, but they work. Once they’re stained I doubt they’ll be noticed at all.


And here are the marble thresholds I found at the ReStore for $10:


This was a huge pain because they didn’t fit in my 24″ tile saw (they were 29″). But they had to be cut down from 6″ to 4 1/2″ and then beveled, or else they would look dumb.


I made it work in the end, and they do look nice.

Last of the naked framing covered. It’s a milestone!

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