Glamming it up (Beach house #80)

I got around to putting up the kitchen backsplash this past week. This project was fun because it was all from leftover mosaic and repurposed materials, plus the marble tiles from Habitat for Humanity that I got for $10.


Recognize that herringbone?

I was mad at myself – I accidentally cut the herringbone inset a whole inch shorter than I’d meant to. After spending too much time carefully working out the ratio of width to height of the 8×12 tiles and matching it in the herringbone so that they would coordinate despite being different sizes. No one will ever notice except me, whom it will bother forever.

And yes, there’s a lot more space on the top than on the bottom. That’s because I’m accounting for the depth of the hood that I plan to install. I’m tiling behind it so that if I ever switch out the hood for a different model, I won’t have to worry about patching in naked wall behind it.


I bordered it with leftover metal border from the showers – there was exactly enough for 3, 16″ pieces which was exactly what I needed. Whoda thunk.

I used the high-end white grout left over from my own kitchen backsplash 6 years ago.


And when I got the hood installed:


Oooooh it looks so nice!

image-20180407_191223 (1)

With the adhesive at $30 and the 8×12 tiles at $10/box plus the Lash leveling clips, I spent about $60 total. Not too shabby for a few hours’ work!

One Response to “Glamming it up (Beach house #80)”

  1. Susan Alexander Says:

    So exciting! The tile and the trim work from the previous post – it’s all looking so wonderful! <3

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