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I did it! I made it to the end (almost) of the Beach House chronicles before post 100!! Of course, I mostly did it by being so busy that I forgot to write blog posts altogether…. whoops.

Anyway, long story short: I finished! (Mostly. Except for a few details.) Josh took a bunch of gorgeous photos.

Time for some before and afters!!


DSCF4274-1600 (1)





First bedroom:



bed1 a


Second bedroom:


bed 2 a


Old kitchen – moving the kitchen into the open living area lets us have a third bedroom or a more private TV/family room with walk in closet/breakfast room attached:



One bathroom becomes two (in both of which, the toilet is actually attached to the floor! And the tub is actually hooked up to the plumbing!) by shifting the bedroom doors and moving the linen closet to the inside of the first bathroom.





Living area looking towards old kitchen:



Standing in old kitchen doorway looking back at living room:

493 living room before


New kitchen space:

493 living room 2 before


And lemme just show off that kitchen a little bit more:



So y’all are probably sick and tired of my bragging by now – Don’t worry, I’m pretty much done.

I posted these here photos on Zillow, Craigslist, Padmapper, Zumper, Turbotenant… and we’ve already got a renter! In fact, 48 hours after I accepted that renter, I had another awesome couple offer to pay me the whole year in cash up front! Too bad I was already under contract, but at least there’s strong interest in the property. :)

Plus, the bank refinancing is going to come through on time and we may just get all our money back; and we’ve got a really sweet family renting from us that we hope may stay at least a couple years. So it’s looking like while it’s going to take some time to recover, it was a sound financial decision in the end.

So while I wondered so many times during the past year whether I’d made a stupid decision, whether I’d bankrupted us, whether I had bitten off something so large not only I couldn’t chew it but I was going to fatally choke on it – I can say that now that I’m out on the other side, I’m glad I did it. Nothing can quite compare to the experience of standing around inside something that you did, looking around at something you built and feeling proud for having made something sad, beautiful again.

So will I do it again? I sure hope so! After I spent a while working on our own home (at the pleadings of poor Josh, who points out that a good 1/4 of our garage space has been taken up with tiles meant for our kitchen for over a year now). I have plans to add a basement bathroom and bedroom or den, plus a complete revamping of our bathrooms… eh, we’ll see. Maybe I’ll take a vacation first. :)

3 Responses to “Skip to the end (Beach house 81)”

  1. MICHELLE Says:

    I don’t even remember how I started following your blog, but it’s been a few years, and I just wanted to say that a stranger in California is super proud of you! What an awesome accomplishment. Good for you!

  2. Diana Guillermo Says:

    Well, thank you! :)

  3. Sam Says:

    That was really exciting and satisfying! Good job!

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