A string’s the thing

Turns out Kitty got into my upholstery thread and choked down a nice, looooooooong bit of it, the dummy. The vet found the upper half under his tongue and the lower half you-can-guess-where, and pulled and cut as much as she could. We are hoping he will pass the rest.

He stayed at the hospital last night for monitoring – if he started vomiting again they were going to do another xray and make sure the string hadn’t “accordioned” his intestines, which would mean it pulled tight and started acting as a saw against the intestine walls. That would be the worst case scenario.

But it looks like over time (and with the help of a whole bunch of high fiber cat food), he is probably going to be fine. No more vomiting, and apparently he’s perked right up, so the vet called and said we can bring him home. Yay!

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