Progress upstairs! (Townhouse #6)

Things are happening upstairs too – I’m really impressed with the contractor I hired for that job. So nice when people exceed your expectations.

The plans on paper:

1744 Webster HD plans 1ST FLOOR jpg

Are now becoming real:


Wow! Fridge moved, wall gone, new bathroom framed out perfectly!


He remembered my request for a pocket door, too. :)

The only thing I’m wondering is whether I should have moved it back into the dining room 2 more feet. Then I could have fitted more cabinets into the kitchen along that new wall:


But that would have made the dining room pretty dang small, so I’m happy with my choice.

I love having contractors do stuff for me. It makes me incredibly energized. Their speed and accuracy is impressive and it’s exciting to see the project progress so fast under their hands. If I had money enough to just have contractors do every single project, I would┬ábe over the moon about┬áthis career all the time! Instead I slog through at a snail’s pace, full of frustration and backaches and slowly disintegrating joints… but I have to keep reminding myself that the feeling of accomplishment at the end is its own reward. There’s really nothing like it – just gotta get there first.

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