Typing up loose ends (Townhouse #14)

At this point it was almost time for us to leave on Christmas vacation. I absolutely had to get the place ready and listed before December 31st if I wanted to be able to deduct everything I’d spent on it this year, and I knew I’d never get it all done in time. So I had to bite the bullet and do something I never do…. ask for help.

I found a good, if pricey, contractor and wrote a two page list of everything that still had to be done. And wouldn’t you know, they finished all that work in only 4 days!

Drywall patching and painting the places I couldn’t reach:


Installing baseboards: (these I got at the discount flooring place. They practically give away their remnants – which can be up to 16 feet long! – at $1 a piece. They handed me several bundles for a flat $20 when that quality and quantity of stained wood trim at Home Depot would have cost probably about $400. The baseboard carpenter was amazed!)


Doesn’t that fireplace look nice??

They finished up the staircase and landing for me:



And hung the remaining door:


And added the “window” banister upstairs.


Because of their help, it was rentable by December 25th and I did get it listed in time! I used photos from the original listing, since I still need to do a giant cleanup and carry out several truckloads of tools and supplies from the basement. And after that’s done it’ll take me forever to get Josh in there to take professional photos… but I can’t wait til you see it all cleaned up and gleaming!

2 Responses to “Typing up loose ends (Townhouse #14)”

  1. Sam Says:

    I’m really excited to see the finished project pictures! It’s looking gorgeous!!

  2. Ann Says:

    You are amazing!! I have been thinking about a lot lately. Bea h house and town house are gorgeous! Well done!!!

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