We just opened the first jar of pickles from my first batch ever. We could have opened it two weeks ago, but I was so nervous, first because I wasn’t sure of the recipe (the vinegar/salt ratio seemed awfully high, while the dill was low), and secondly because the garlic turned blue.

I’m not kidding. It turned blue. By the third week in the dark it had reverted to a more traditional pickled garlic color, but I was still nervous.

Josh forced the issue tonight – we could not, according to him, do our homemade Amish red-pepper-and-garlic-sausages the injustice of eating them without adequate garnishings. So he crunched, I held my breath, and then relaxed as he swore up and down that THEY ARE THE BEST PICKLES EVAR.

I guess I can believe him, since he ate two whole jars. :)

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