This morning ButterBean came up with her first spoken sentence. Well, sort of a sentence. She looked up at J in the morning when we were still all cuddling in bed, and with a huge grin on her face she sat up, pointed at J and said “Hi, da-da!” We laughed and made much of her and she did it again about 10 minutes later.

She calls me “mum” sometimes, but not often. I’d rather she say “mama” or “mommy” – it’s like she’s already too cool for me.

She can cack like a duck, ee-aw like a donkey, mmph like a dog, and wow like a cat. (Animals sounds phonetically altered to better reflect the sounds she actually makes). Sometimes she can “ee-eye-oo” like Old MacDonald. We spent a lot of work on that one.

Josh is trying to teach her to say “ooooooooh yeah!” and she can sort of do it…. sometimes.

Also we went to the Fair on Saturday and were talking about getting her a balloon, and when it was eventually tied to her wrist she looked at it and said “balloo”. Her first spontaneous word – we didn’t do any coaching at all, she just picked it up from context. And she’s only 13 months!

Edited to add: after I wrote this I started showing her the sign for “please”. She mimicked it after only 4-5 demonstrations, and even said “pss” when she made the sign. (Not that she understands yet what it means, but still). Then later we were going on a walk and I said “bump, bump” every time the stroller went over a crack – she echoed it back after only the second time I’d said it: “bop, bop!” What a smartypants. :)

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