You know you’re addicted to something when…

I had grand plans for my day off: I was going to get the rest of the tilling done in the vegetable garden, throw myself a kitchen compost bin (to gather compostable scraps, not to actually compost in, silly!), and do other sundries. Instead, I found myself getting interested in basket weaving. I spent the better part of the day (and by “better part” I mean about twelve hours) harvesting, boiling, and peeling the bark off at least a hundred five-foot lengths of honeysuckle vine. I watched Vanity Fair while I did it, and then the next time I looked up it was 11:30 pm. I got two yuge water blisters for my trouble – and the sad part is that now they look just like regular old wicker. -sigh-

Ah, well. It could have been worse – Josh, for instance, spent this evening counting all his 200+ chigger bites. :(

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