Breaking ground at the new place

We went to Home Depot last night and bought a few bags of manure and some other stuff. I’ve really gotta get those poor twice-uprooted plants that I brought from home into some nice cool ground as quickly as I can.

I laid them all out more or less as I think I’ll plant them later, and cut the ground around them with a spade so that when I take them out to till in the manure, the beds will be outlined and I’ll know where to stop. There were already a straggly rose, a clump of daylilies, and a big lilac strung out along the fence, so I’m going to incorporate those into the planting. Though you know, the whole collection is herbaceous perennials. I could really use a viburnum, miniature conifer, or fothergilla or something to add structure. Perhaps I’ll go back to Home Depot later today and spend the $14 remaining on our gift card. Or maybe I’ll just plant our tired, unhappy patio blueberry that has been potted far too long.

The soil looks pretty good; light and sandy. It seems very dry, and it’s full of roots. It also looks like it needs a heavy dose of some organic matter (hence the manure). I’m surprised that it’s not full of chunks of dense clay. (Although I had come to realize that if it were full of clay, I could use the clay to make stuff with, like bricks for my raised beds, and how cool would that be?) The clay at our old place was gorgeous colors, striped white, yellow, pink-red and orangey-red. It would have made beautiful bricks. I was hoping for more of the same here, but it seems silly to look a gift horse in the mouth. Gardening will be easier without a lot of clay in the soil.

Besides, the previous homeowners kept everything and I found a detailed soil analysis report in a stack of old papers. It should tell me exactly what the soil needs. So that saves me a step!

Pictures later; gotta put together a grocery list for this week first. I’m cooking in our new house for the first time and for some reason, I’m really nervous about it! I guess it still feels like cooking in someone else’s house.

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