This child will be the death of me

Of a heart attack, if nothing else.

So I let her out into our “safe” little fenced yard today, turned my back for literally 30 seconds, and found she’d crawled across the yard and was busily munching on something. She likes to eat grass, so I wasn’t alarmed, but hurried over anyway and found her mouth stuffed with little bits of these:

I completely freaked out and went inside to try and get some sort of identification via Google and call Poison Control. The closest thing I found was this:

Russula lepida or alutacea, edible and supposedly quite tasty. They fit the description perfectly:

Pileus. Many colored; white, drab, green, purple or bright red; cuticle very thin, peeling from the edge, adherent toward the centre; bell-shaped, at first compressing the gills, then expanded, until finally the centre of the cap becomes depressed or concave. Gills. Generally pure white, sometimes creamy or buff; nearly or quite equal in length, rigid, brittle, breaking into unequal segments if pressed. Stem. Stout, solid or stuffed; in substance the same as the flesh of the cap, often tapering quite abruptly to a point at the base. Volva, ring, and veil all entirely absent at every age of the plant. Spores. White. Taste, excellent raw, like nuts; odor none. Grows in woods, woody paths or clearings; often found gnawed by squirrels or other animals.

Poison Control has sent my photos on to a mycologist for identification. And now we wait.

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