I’m such a man

Look what I did today:

I found this firewood stacker in the woods today. Strangely enough, I have coveted one since I was ten or so and saw one in one of those in-flight magazines – no kidding! – I have really always wanted this exact model, and there it was sitting abandoned in the jungly bit of our yard. On top of a moldery, half-rotted mass of logs that might once have been meant for firewood.

So I trekked out there (in my Birkenstocks, no less), rescued the stacker, and filled it with a few wheelbarrow loads of soon-to-be-firewood. Braving spiders, snakes, and the half-inch-long ants they have out here. (I kid you not, these things are mutants, they look just like the zompopos in Guatemala with these millimeter-long fangs that savage whatever kills them – paper towels, in my case – with a fierce and unrelenting grip even after their bodies have been crushed or severed. I think they might be the same kind that the Native Americans traditionally used to use to suture wounds, letting their fangs pull the skin flaps together and then cutting off the bodies, leaving a nice little row of evil ant skulls).

Okay, it only took like half an hour and didn’t even make me sweat, but there’s something so viscerally pleasurable about storing up supplies for a cold winter’s day, don’t you think?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    before using your well-gotten gains, be sure & get the fireplace chimney cleaned, if the old owners didn’t mention doing that recently. no use burning the house down just after buying it…

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