New Mexico pictures…

… are up. Check them out! I’ll definitely be printing some of these out and selling them at my next fair. Josh has gotten so good!

In other news, I went to Larriland Farm today with my good friend Ann, and we had such a great time! I’ve only been to one other pick-your-own place up in Oregon, and this was so worth the hour-long drive. We were chattering and sampling the whole time, catching up with each other and fantasizing about what we were going to make with so much bountiful fruit. For about $40 I got canning supplies, 10 pounds of peaches, and 5 pounds of blackberries!

So tonight, once I finish dinner (and this blog entry) I’m whipping out the canning supplies. Blackberry jam is a definite must, though I’m also thinking about blackberry syrup for pancakes (though we still have a gallon of maple syrup from our Canada trip!). I’m also thinking about making a blackberry-peach jam, though the color might be a little strange! And some of the peaches are going into a pie, and some of them are getting frozen for sweet winter cobblers…. yum! Needless to say, Ann and I made a date for next July, when the blueberries are ripe. -grin-

Ann and I talked more about some day sharing a little farm with an orchard in back, chickens, goats, and an apiary… probably about the same time as we become disgustingly rich, move to New Mexico, and open a joint studio and gallery together. -laugh-

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