Fine photography.

We’re back, tired and beauty-saturated, from our vacation in New Mexico. Tomorrow we commence grumbling our way back towards the real world and the cruel inevitability of alarm clocks and frozen meals. (But today, for one last day, we slept late; and for dinner I roasted a chicken on a bed of turnips, baby potatoes, carrots, and onions, and baked a loaf of feta-onion-rosemary-pinenut bread… mmmm.)

New Mexico was a wonderful vacation – though I went with some trepidation, I admit. It turns out that Josh and I and my parents all travel fairly well together, and there was never a shortage of Stuff To See And Marvel At. I have returned with a few things: pottery, a hand-blown-glass vase, and an ardent desire to buy a small, rustic home in Taos and open up a studio and gallery there.

I didn’t mean to blog about New Mexico just yet, though: I wanted to wait until Josh has his pictures online (he’s editing them right beside me as I type this). His industrious artistry, however, reminded me of another artist whose online portfolio I had bookmarked – and meant to share – long ago: J. D. Hayward. I admire the way he incorporates his sense of drama into the lush fantasy of his art photos; it’s even very present in the sparseness of the staircase photo below.

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