Two Mother’s Days ago

… J bought me this beautiful pink angora/silk yarn. In a basket wrapped with pink raffia. Next to a pink begonia. I should have taken a picture. :)

Anyway, since I was still just pregnant and had tons of that elusive precious commodity called FREE TIME, I knit it up into a little outfit for our soon-to-be-baby girl. And though I made the 3-month size, somehow it never fit her until now, when she’s 14 months old.

Funny how that always happens with things I knit. Maybe I need to knit a little tighter, you know, stress out a bit more and pull that yarn harder. Maybe I’m not clenching or glowering enough. My sister knits so tight her yarn creaks, and often snaps. Her projects, while not “soft” exactly, do have the added merit of being able to stand up on their own. They can also be used as armor plating in a pinch. I guess knitting for relaxation never got anybody anything but baggy clothes.

I digress. You’ll want pictures.

I wish I could remember what this yarn was called so I could buy all of it, everywhere.  Also, I am now in love with little mother-of-pearl buttons. Don’t tell J.

One Response to “Two Mother’s Days ago”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ADORABLE!!! and NOT JUst the little outfit…
    really sweet

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