… It’s better than real Mexico.

Well okay, I wouldn’t really know, a) never having been to Mexico, and b) having been in New Mexico for about half an hour now… and all of that inside a dim airport waiting for my parents’ flight to arrive. We’re here for a week and a half, all of us sans little sister. We’ve got an itinerary packed full of galleries and crafty things, like the Shidoni Glass Foundry. So if the hotel has wireless, stay tuned for lots of pictures in upcoming blogs.

In other news, I’ve coerced Josh into wearing a costume to the Renaissance Faire. Heh heh heh. Many wifely wiles were involved, but yes, he vinally agreed to a neutral-colored peasantish costume as simple and close to modern garb as possible without being egregiously non-period. So of course a trip to the fabric store was involved… and I ended up getting myself material for a new corset as well. And now that I have that, I need a new matching skirt… and then a new underskirt… -grin- I found some good faux leather that I’m going to make a purse and belt out of, and I got some nice rough muslin and made myself a honeycomb apron and biggins too. There’s no end in sight.

I’ve always felt more comfortable in a peasant costume, but I’d really like to try my hand at some more skilled seamstressing with finer cloth and more difficult cuts. My cowoker Barb has said that I may be able to make her daughter Madison a princess costume (depending on what she wants to be for Halloween), and I was recently given a whole bunch of niceish brocade for free that I think I can use. It’s mostly butter-yellow and sage, but if she doesn’t mind those two colors… Who knows, though. When I was five years old, princesses only wore pink. Period. Not to mention that they were often covered in decidedly un-Elizabethan sequins and glitter. So we’ll have to see what kind of princess Madison wants to be. I wouldn’t want to make her a costume she won’t love! (Or maybe I’m just hoarding the yellow brocade for myself, in the case of any future royalist tendencies… hee hee).

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