Chicken breed calculator

Lookie what I found online – a chicken tool that calculates which breeds are right for you. You can select by laying frequency and color, disposition and broodiness.

I told it I needed the chickens to be friendly (so they won’t peck ButterBean), winter-hardy (because I’m not into providing a heater for chickens), prolific egg layers (to earn their keep) of whatever color eggs (because who cares), and this was my result:

I’m not that surprised that the Rhode Island Reds that I had decided on before are absent here. Further reading has indicated that they are very assertive and aggressive. While I’m sure they’re funny to watch and full of personality, they’re probably not the best birds to have around tiny humans. Which we will continue to have for some time.

I also selected for broodiness, because I’ve heard that while ducks are terrible mothers, chickens are happy to be good substitutes. So if I want to get ducks as well, I could stick some eggs under one of the chickens every time I decide that the moment has come to -ahem- thin the herd (we would have fertilized duck eggs around because remember, male ducks don’t crow, so we can have one). Also, broody hens can raise more chicks for me in the future so I don’t have to mess around with incubators for 12 weeks.

We are allowed a rooster though I think – I might just go that route. Perhaps the cranky neighbors will be mitigated by the constant, self-replenishing stream of near-free delicious chicken dinners.

3 Responses to “Chicken breed calculator”

  1. Amber Says:

    Hullo’ my luv!
    I lean towards the Black Australorp. Be nice to them as chicks, and they’ll follow you around the yard or come running when you go “Chick! Chick! Chick!” with the food bucket. They have a beautiful green/purple sheen over the black. Not broody though. (Which we thought was a good thing.) Hens who insist on setting on nests don’t lay eggs when they do so. Silky chickens are GREAT mommas. (But smaller so don’t fit as many eggs under ’em.) You can have your laying hens, then a few official setting hens. Or- get three of each breed you’re thinking about!!!
    Spin Taco in some circles for me!

  2. diana Says:

    Amber! You’re alive! I love you-love you-love you and I miss you! I sent you some emails a while back and have been so worried about you. BIG KISSES!

  3. Amber Says:

    Oh- but don’t wear red/burgundy nail polish in with them. They will peck the bajeebers out of your fingertips.

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