The littlest Eeyore

We just tried on ButterBean’s Halloween costume for the first time today. I was putting it off because I was sure it would go wrong; I made up the design with such a mismatch of pattern pieces, old clothing of hers, freehand design and misplaced optimism, that I really don’t have any clue why it actually did end up fitting so well. But look! Hey! One year down, 14 or so to go…

I can’t get over that little tail.

2 Responses to “The littlest Eeyore”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So Cute. glad she’s not a cupcake, I’d eat her!
    She obviously knows who Eyore is–good for you.and all that piecing together worked out–you are so talented and Sofia is so lucky.

  2. John Stoneham Says:

    zomg. paralyzingly cute.

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