Ready, get set, color

The choice has been made!

Thanks to a handy tip from a paint-savvy friend of mine (wink wink, Alex), the online Benjamin Moore color tool, and my local paint-guru-guy at the local Benjamin Moore store, the redressing of my craft room may now proceed. No longer will I craft in a sea of blah eggshell quilted with a misbegotten rainbow of about nineteen different paint samples.

I am so glad I was pushed to try the Benjamin Moore colors. The difference was amazing. They had way more color selection than at either Lowe’s or HD, and their colors all looked somehow more… sophisticated. J pointed out that they don’t seem to dilute their colors with grey, so perhaps that’s it.

The online color selection tool at is of course not an accurate guide to selecting color, but did help me discard several that would obviously just be too garish. And I wouldn’t have found or chosen to explore this color, Topaz, without it. But still, look at this: the top photo is of Topaz and the bottom photo is a completely different color, Navajo Red; and yet it’s the bottom picture that gives a closer idea of what the Topaz actually looks like when applied.

In person it looks warm and earthy, like a toasted adobe. I do wish the craft room’s trim were white; that would help set off the color well. But all the trim is just shiny stained oak right now, and even if I felt like melting off all that varnish, I’d feel bad painting over pretty wood.

Here’s the color scheme I’m going to go with:

Wow! It looks kind of electric there, doesn’t it? -laugh- And the green looks very limey too, instead of the greyish sage that it is. I can’t wait till I can get green curtains, or paint my bookshelves or something to get this color scheme rockin’… for a while it will just be an orange room with a pair of light blue inherited curtains.

(I wonder if I can even paint my bookshelves; they’re cheapo Ikea laminate. Could I sand them and prime them and paint them? Just the faces and sides, not the surfaces that will get wear and tear?)

I got all the edges, trim, and corners cut in last night, and about 2/3 of the first coat done. Unfortunately it will definitely need a second coat  (that’s what I get for selecting a deep, vibrant color); I hope 1 gallon is enough! Because even though I opted to get one of the more economical grades of paint, it was still about $10 more than at Lowe’s or HD. (I had really wanted to get the no-VOC “Natura” paint that they offer, but it was upwards of $60 per gallon. Since this isn’t ButterBean’s room and I can just keep her out till the paint dries…. I decided to go with the regular ole’ brain-killin’ kind.)

More pictures when it’s done!


Note: the other thing I loved the most about the paint store was the absolutely outstanding customer service. I had brought in the names of several colors that I wanted samples of, and the guy behind the counter (Bernie) got out his big book of 6×10 samples and gave me like ten of them to compare (by the way, it is really amazing how different a color can look in a huge swatch from the little squares on the paint chips). That’s not normally done, and I was able to immediately discard about half of the candidates. He helped me discard a few more, by explaining how warm colors can actually be tinted either warm or hot themselves, and how in a dark room you ought to go with a warm-tinted warm color, and a cool-tinted warm in a sunny room. He refused to let me choose there in the store and insisted I take the swatches home with me and put them on the walls in different places, in different lights, and choose that way. That’s remarkable, because usually they sell those swatches. He didn’t know if he’d ever see me again, but in order to save me more money on samples (I told him I’d already spent like $40) he gave me free merchandise. Just to be helpful. (Needless to say this made me take even better care of them, and I returned them just a few days later, and now he has my business forever).

Then another lady walked in the store to buy an additional quart of paint because the first gallon hadn’t covered perfectly, and the guy offered to give her a free gallon, just to make sure she had enough. That’s customer service. So while there is an Ace about three minutes from my house that could mix Benjamin Moore colors, I’ll be making that same 35 minute drive the next time I want paint – and I’ll never go back to the big-box stores.

Another Note – this is not subsidized by Benjamin Moore in any way. (Though you know, Bennie, if you’re reading this, I do accept freebies! HINT HINT)

2 Responses to “Ready, get set, color”

  1. debbie swickard Says:

    Do you have an old white sheet? If you do, put some of the paint you used in a bucket, dilute it with some water, then dip the sheet in and voila! You will have curtains that match the room (once you sew them from the “painted” sheet). I actually painted a sheet once using the paint for the walls, and it made the fabric stiff. I still used it for the curtains, but it would have been better if I had diluted the paint with water before painting the fabric.
    Since it is your craft room, you can get creative and use both the green and the orange paint. You can do the curtain like a tie-dyed t-shirt, or you can actually draw a pattern and paint it or just paint swatches of green and swatches of orange all over the white background. It’s cheap, it’s fun, and it’s your craft room so what do you care if anyone else likes it as long as YOU are satisfied with the end result!!!

  2. diana Says:

    Heh, that would be cool – we might actually paint the living room that accent green color, so I’d have the perfect shade. I’m fond of dupioni silk, but at $25/yard it’s not really craft-room material, ya know?

    Alternatively, I’m *really* liking how the blue hanging looks on the orange wall. And hey, I already have blue curtains… maybe I should change my color scheme.

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