Summer is always the time in which I tell myself I will get all my projects done. My list of things to do this summer wasn’t all that heroic:

  • I will finally use up those bags and bags of yarn I got sick of over winter, making scarves for Fall fairs.
  • I will sit down some evening and patch those pairs of jeans and that sweater I’ve been meaning to get to.
  • I will, three years after the event, assemble my wedding album photos in the album I bought a year ago.
  • I will finally make up the material I bought for two pairs of pants last Fall.
  • I will frequent pick-your-own-farms and even brave the ungodly morning hours to make it to the Saturday Farmer’s Market before they close at noon, in order to can up a lovely stock of jams, chutneys, and salsas for the Fall.
  • I will go to the gym.

Now, it’s mid-July, halfway through the summer… let’s review. Have I completed anything on my list? Ha! No, instead of getting rid of the patterns and material I already have, I visited G-Street Fabrics again… twice! And, well, now I have another two sewing projects waiting for me… but the material that seemed like it was just begging to be made up in the store is suddenly not so inviting. Instead, once I get home around six, I surf the web, swing in my hammock, relax from my physically (and lately, emotionally) stressful job… and generally putter around unproductively until about eleven, when it occurs to me that I should probably be thinking about getting to bed.

I did get some gardening done today: I mowed the back lawn, raked the grass, and weeded the lilac patch (all in response to Josh’s comment that it was looking rather “messy” lately, which -sigh- it was). I was brutal with the clippers. The yellow yarrow is no more. The lilac bed looks passable. Hey – I better get some pictures of it, now that the grass is mowed! That’ll be a first – pictures when it’s actually looking tended! -grin-

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