The last day of summer

Aw, who am I kidding, summer has been over for a long time now. The temps at night are down in the forties, and during the day we’re lucky if it gets up to 60.

My birthday weekend was the exception. 72 degrees and sunny. I made sure SofĂ­a got out and played in the sunshine as much as she could – I knew it wouldn’t last. And I got a few chores done myself, too.

I wish I had enjoyed that weekend even more, because the cold, grey November weather arrived soon after and it has been raining nonstop all week long. Our sump pump, which sounds like a snoring elephant – a very LARGE snoring elephant suffering from acute sinusitis that just happens to live right under our bedroom – has been making darn sure we know it is alive and kicking.

I have been keeping the thermostat at 63 during the day to save energy and it has been all right so far, but all this humidity is making it awful. It permeates any amount of layered sweaters. I wanted to light our pellet stove last night, but apparently you need something called “fire-starter gel” which we have none of. I turned the thermostat up to 65. Tropical!

C’mon, weather, turn yourself around! I’ve got laundry to hang, and upwards of 350 bulbs to plant! And I don’t want to wear winter hats inside my house!

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