The cutest coat on the planet

I finished this coat a couple weeks ago, but have only just gotten around to blogging it. Good thing, too – she’s already just about to outgrow it. Talk about a growth spurt – in the last two weeks she’s been eating more than I have! So the coat that was roomy two weeks ago will now have to be consigned to the “Outgrown” pile. (Or… anyone want to buy a nearly-perfectly-new 12m girl’s coat?) We had a lot of warm weather, too, so she’s probably worn it no more than five times. Ah well, making a new one will be fun anyway.

The original pattern was the Sunday Brunch jacket from Oliver+S, but of course I tweaked it (can I never resist meddling?)

First I got a nearly-100% wool thick suiting fabric. It was a nice fabric, but woven rather lightly for a winter coat, so I got the brilliant idea of felting it to make it thicker! I chucked that baby in the washer on Heavy Duty, and then in the dryer on the hottest setting. (Boy, I’d forgotten how much wet wool reeks. Took me right back to my Catholic high school days – rooms full of girls in wet kilts. It was funny how I could recognize it was an awful smell, but it still made me so nostalgic that I didn’t really mind.) The end result was great: a thick, tightly woven material that would do much better at keeping out drafts, but was still as soft as the original.

Then I added a full lining. I had a yard of Heather Bailey fabric left over from an old purchase-on-a-whim – I had been going to make little shorts overalls out of it, but it worked just perfectly for this. I don’t know if I would line the sleeves again: the original pattern was unlined so with the lining, the sleeves got a bit tighter than I would have liked. I think next time, if I’m going to line them I’ll make the sleeves a larger size than the main pattern.

And finally I added a hood, because I wanted this to be her warmest winter coat.

I liked the pattern fairly well, but I did have some beefs with it. Firstly, sometimes the drawings in the instructions didn’t match the shapes of the actual pattern pieces. This was especially confusing when I was wondering where exactly to situate the armpit join. Second, it didn’t gather in front nearly as much as I would have liked; it just kind of rippled really. So I think I’ll add another inch or two of length to the front two panels when I make her the next size up.

But really I am very pleased with it – the proof of the pudding is that I’m not really all that miffed that she’s already outgrown it. I’m actually eager to make it again! I am sad, though, that I really shouldn’t make an identical one, because I love that lining – and the green-on-white-buttons – so very much. I don’t think I’ll find another combo that I’ll like having around quite as much. Guess it’s time to go browse online fabric stores…

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    so glad you had a girl! such talent would go to waste on a boy…
    too bad about the jacket though. what about making the sleeves a little long er and rounded too so sh can fold the cuffs down around her hands in the absence of mittens.
    and the hood came out really well and is a winter necessity…

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