My first woodworking project

Three handmade wooden boxes. Each has a different style of lid, and the one on top is the very last one I made, where I felt I knew enough to experiment with the design a bit.

They’re pretty nice. I made up my own oil-beeswax finish and buffed a couple coats to a beautiful satiny shine. I love the feel of it. The lids fit so perfectly – they are planed to exactly match the irregularities of the box below – that they only fit one way, so I had the bright idea of inserting another dowel on the lid and box as a kind of mark to show which end should go where.

The perfectionist in me is really frustrated that there is a blatant flaw in each of them. (And yes, I KNOW that this is the first woodworking – as opposed to carpentry – that I’ve ever done ever. Even still.) See the crooked dowel on the top one? See the score where I cut the mating of the finger joint too long, on the end of the middle one? (That was the very first one I tried). And on the bottom one, I messed up and put the marking dowel for the lid in the wrong side. Of course then I had to put another one on the other side too. I tried to stain the correct one dark, but both still show up so it’s difficult to tell which way to align the lid. Also the boxes are pretty shallow; I think I’d make the underside of the lid a lot thinner next time.

But all in all, it was a satisfying project and I’m proud that I had the patience to finish all three, and take the time to do it carefully. Even with their flaws they mean a lot to me because of all the time invested. I wish I had something equally special to put in them; but I hope they’ll be appreciated empty just as well.

2 Responses to “My first woodworking project”

  1. Doug Whitson Says:

    Hi, nice project! I caught your post on Google’s blogs. I’m very impressed with your work and attitude. If you would like help or information come on over to Lots of friendly folks just like yourself. I have no affiliation-yada-yada, but thought might like to meet others who are doing the same thing. Don’t be shy, my handle is Doug in AZ.

    Keep up the good work and don’t be so hard on yourself :)

  2. diana Says:

    Hey, thanks! A random compliment is always appreciated. And I’ll pass on your support to my inner critic. :)

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