Almost there

The Shroud of Shame has been replaced with more of a rumpled-shirt look.

There’s a very good reason that the whole slipcover looks like a rumpled shirt: it’s made of shirting fabric. It really, REALLY should have been made from a more substantial material in order to keep its shape, and I knew that. I did. But this fabric was on super-sale and I figured I’d make one rough draft (dunno why I didn’t just think of muslin) before moving to the $25 per yard upholstery fabric.

The thing is, once I got it home I realized it’s the exact color of the couch cushions we already have in there (also a beatup second, but Ethan Allen, so it’s not going anywhere soon). And also, figuring out all the cryptic markings I’d made on my own homemade pattern was about as frustrating as trying to tie bow ties on a furious weasel – only it took ten times as long. So I’m afraid this slipcover is here to stay. Death to the Shroud of Shame: Long live Office Casual.

All it needs is for me to get around to attaching the wide black ribbon around the base to even up the bottom and make it match our couch even more, and it’ll be finished. I’ll do a before/after post when I have Made It So.

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