Christmas princess

I finished SofĂ­a’s Christmas dress last week, just in time for the Mom’s Club Christmas party. It took me till 2am (funny, that’s the time I finished her newest jacket too), but was well worth the time.

It’s a Simplicity pattern that I picked up on a whim when I saw it was on sale for $1.50. I modified it a little (of course) because the pieces didn’t seem to fit together right (the yoke was about two inches longer than the collar, for one thing). And I just love the newish fashion of having the petticoats poking out from under skirts, so I added a full lining plus sparkly soft tulle petticoat. I think it worked well.

It has some nice details: the puffed sleeves here are actually carefully pleated and overlapped in opposite directions, not just gathered. And see that beautiful edgestitching around the cuffs? Mmmmm.

Of course I had to make her matching ballet flats too:

What makes me even happier about the way this all came out is that everything except the lining and petticoat, even the faux leather for the soles of her shoes, was stuff I already had in my stash. Leftovers from making pillows. Whoopee for recycling! Yay for justification of my fabric-hoarding compulsion!

She’s gotten to wear it twice so far. I hope to get at least another two uses. And it came out big too, so it’s even conceivable that she’ll be able to wear it again next year!

3 Responses to “Christmas princess”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the little princess is so lucky you like to sew–what a gifted mom you are.

  2. debbie swickard Says:

    “…so it’s even conceivable that she’ll be able to wear it again next year!” Hmmm, me thinks you are still too new at being a mom to realize how fast the little princess will grow between now and next Christmas. You DO realize that is a whole 12 months to go — twelve, as in a dozen!!! That’s even longer than a month of Sundays!
    Welllllllllllllll, looking at how big the dress appears to be in the picture, you may be right, but I have my doubts… Better start saving more pretty scraps of material just to be safe….

  3. Alex Says:

    You rock. What a great outfit!

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