More developments

Hi all! Just back from Christmas vacation, basking in the availability of the FAST INTERNET. You don’t realize how addicted you are until you have to do without! :)

Sofía’s developed SO much these past two weeks. Maybe it was all the relatives around her, talking all the time, or all the toys around everwhere, who knows. But she’s suddenly talking more like a toddler instead of a baby.

She’s routinely using two-word sentences like “more please” or “window bright”; but her first three-word sentence was “Santa say! HO-HO-HO!”

She understood what presents were after opening two of them, and by the end of vacation could open them all by herself. Now she asks us for new presents every day… and thanks to our mailed-in packages, there generally are still more for her to open. Now once those run out and she’s gotten presents for a whole month, how am I supposed to explain to her that presents happen only at Christmastime?

We haven’t sung Twinkle-twinkle in a long while, but the other night I overheard her singing it and she got most of the words right! And she’s started singing some of the words (all the tune) of the Boo-Boo Song (a song I made up for when she gets boo-boos, to the tune of Frére Jacques).

She suddenly seems to be able to pretend things. She got a baby doll for Christmas, and has barely set it down since then. She has a little doll stroller too and Sofía will put the doll in it, make sure she’s upright, set her little doll blanket on top of the doll’s head and say “ni-night!” And then push her around for half an hour at a time.

Last night she tried to give the doll a drink from her water bottle but got some in the doll’s eyes. Sofía said “oh! Kwying! Sad!” And gave the doll a kiss. :) (Ok actually it was a lick across the face because she doesn’t know how to kiss yet. But still.)

And she can sit and flip the pages of one of her favorite books (the Berenstein Bears “A” book) and call out one or two of the keywords on every page – and this was NOT one of the books we took with us and read on vacation, so she’s working from memory. I bet soon she’ll be reading!

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