What I’ve been doing all this time

Well, I’ve been away for a whole month now… pretty far from my ancient goal of blogging about every other day. I’ve been super busy since vacation – like always, ya know, but at a really accelerated pace.

For one, Josh and I have decided it’s more important to our family cohesiveness (read: my lack of general grump) that we focus on getting my garden plot cleared this year instead of getting the carpet replaced. Of course I’m sad because I really, REALLY wanted our family room carpet gone, not just because it looks like elephant vomit and is about 50 years old, but because it’s a health hazard for a family with allergies to dust and mites. Did I ever tell you that the two times I’ve napped in there, I’ve gotten blisters on my eyeballs? Blisters. On my. Eyeballs.

Now that I’m on my maintenance allergy shots I’m ok in that room, but it grosses me out that I’m still breathing that stuff. And you wouldn’t believe what the Roomba – that I run twice a day – still drags up. (Did I tell you I’m eloping with my Roomba?)

Anyway, so I’m working on the future mini-farm complete with all the necessary hours spent looking through seed catalogues (gardener’s porn), compiling lists of fruit trees at various websites, calculating linear footage of fencing of various qualities, and obsessing over scaled down draft models that I sketch in down to the square inch. I’ve been outside clearing the land of brush and saplings for a couple hours every day this week. Busy? I’ve also been making crazy cheese, rearranging furniture, AND running after SofĂ­a with kleenex all day because her nose has been leaking for nearly two weeks now. (Her first consciously communicative sentence was, after she was whimpering in the backseat and I asked her what was wrong, “Booger! Come out.”)

I’ve done a few craft projects too, and that was really what I started to write this post about before I meandered all over the place.

I had been looking forward to the annual Ruth’s Chris party all year long, and as I wrote before I was determined to wear a new dress this time. Luckily my MIL has a Bernina machine too, so I spent all vacation crafting a muslin and starting the dress, and then a week and a half back home tucking and fitting and embroidering and hemming and slashing and gathering and beading and… on and on and on. I was still attaching the sash at 3:30 for a party that started at 5. Half an hour away. What an exercise in frustration that was.

I think it ended up looking pretty good though. Others seemed to think so too.

I wish you could see all the super sparkly Swarovski crystals and silver beads and gold thread encrusted all over the sash. Did I mention it was cut from a crazy upscale designer wedding dress?

And oh, did I mention the best thing about this dress? It was (nearly) free. No kidding: the skirt and various linings were from my stash, while the bodice and sash and petticoat (wheee! Petticoat!) were from a friend’s stash of random leftover bits of bridal fabrics that I had recently inherited. I already had the shoes, -ahem-structuring garments-ahem-, thread, needles… everything but the sparkly accoutrements (> $50) and pattern (vintage, from 1954!)

I also came out looking pretty good for something done while craning over my shoulder into a medicine cabinet – NEVER MIND THE FRIZZES, I got them later and did NOT go looking like a destitute debutante.

2 Responses to “What I’ve been doing all this time”

  1. Erin Says:

    You are always super busy, lol. I didn’t know anyone could be busier then me! I would love to see your porn stash, I mean seed catalogues. I REALLY want to order some fruit trees as well, maybe we can combine on shipping and save some dough:grin: I need to start working on my plot too, now if it would just stop raining. Oh and now that we are settled we need to invite you for a playdate, let me know when you are free.

  2. Rose Says:

    You look amazing! Sexy Mrs. Claus! Wooooo!

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