As most of you know who read this, now that my bitching about grad school is over and done with, I have little else to talk about than my pottery – which is sometimes difficult, for business reasons – and my garden. I have been keeping a kind of separate garden blog/page to keep the plant exuberance down to a minimum over here, but that means that often I will manually put the same post up in two separate locations, or more often not post at all, since I seem to regard the garden page as sort of secondary.

Also, it’s difficult to mess with… pages of html to pore through every time I want to post an update, lots of uninteresting pictures to scroll through even if you’re just interested in finding the newest ones, etc. Messy. And if I’m a compulsive gardener, I’m an even more compulsive organizer, and that bothers me.

So I’m trying to figure out a better way to both incorporate my garden into this blog and at the same time clean up my picture presentation. I’m really digging Josh’s website: the way you can choose categories and jump back and forth with ease. I’m thinking I could have a folder with closeups (even divide that into subcategories tracking the growth of individual plants, if I wanted to), another with home improvements, and then divide the garden up by beds, and within that by years… you get the idea. No need to publicly indulge my OCD. -laugh-

The only problem with that is that the picture files would then be separate from the blog entries… which could be okay, if I could post the newest thumbnails into this blog and link to the albums that way. Hm. I guess the problem is basically that I’m not familiar with any of the free options out there, and I have no idea how to go about doing that kind of research. (I could find you all the known references to lust in medieval Castillian poetry, if you wanted, and even go into detail about the significance of their articulation during the formation of Spanish anti-semitism [for instance] but I don’t know how to do something useful. There’s grad school for ya.)

Well, anyway, it’ll happen eventually. In the mean time, I’m going to go wrestle with the overgrown monolith that I call my garden page.

And oh, by the way, on a semi-separate topic, Behnke’s totally deserves props. I don’t know if someone from there reads this blog, or what, but a few weeks ago the manual labor portion of the job abruptly ceased, and I was told to “neaten stuff up and talk to customers.” Which I did, gladly, keeping the cheering down to the minimum required for conversation. -grin- And now I’ve been asked if I wouldn’t consider staying on during the summer, even for just a few hours. I said I didn’t want to do manual labor, and I didn’t want to be restricted to the woody plants (I actually got reprimanded once for following a customer – who was spending upwards of $1000 – into herbaceous perennials to help them out there as well, after spending about two hours in woody plants with them ). And anyway, my supervisor thought it could likely be worked out! So that wouldn’t start again till the week after June 16th, and I’d likely just work Saturday mornings, but it’s nice to know I can continue to indulge my love of talking to people about plants (not to mention the sweet employee discount!)

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