Quick update

Yesterday I had Sofía lying on the changing table as I counted out wipes out loud: “One… Two… Three…” And Sofía, miracle girl that she is, spontaneously chimed in and continued, all by herself, “fowa, fiy, sick, seven…” all the way up to eleven!

There’s a distinction between counting and reciting, but I still think it’s an amazing feat for an 18-month-old. She doesn’t always get it all right – she has a tendency to skip 8 – but she’s done it multiple times and when we do it together, she often even gets ahead of me like “Come on, Mom, I’m smarter than that baby rhythm!”

I wish we knew where our video camera is.

‘Til now we haven’t placed much emphasis on numbers at all – our attention has been on reciting the alphabet. During Christmas break we did notice that she could recognize the numbers 2, 6, and 8; and she will sometimes say “one-two-flee,” but she wouldn’t say “four” or anything else. So this accomplishment came as a complete surprise.

Up to eleven!

(When I tried to get her to say “twelve,” she said “sixteen!” We’re working on it.)

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