Flowers and sweat.

The weather is finally warming up around here; it’ll be in the seventies all week. I’ve moved my miniature lemon out to the patio and planted my marigold, naturtium, tomato, phlox and sweet pea seeds. My oriental poppies arrived and are now filling the big Sapphire-glazed bowl-pot I made especially for them, but they’re tiny and I wonder whether they’ll bloom this year.

I’ve had a really good time at Behnke’s these past two weeks. Instead ofdoing manual labor all day, I think they might have realized that I’mreally good at working with customers because that’s what they’ve beenasking me to do. I get to wander around straightening things up, and whenever a customer comes up with a list or a question I help them out and show them around. It’s much more what I had in mind when I signed up for the job, and loads more satisfying than lugging pots. Besides, girl that I am, I could only lug one at a time anyway. -grin-

At home I’ve also been highly active in the garden. My lilac isblooming, little by little! It smells amazing. My four roses arrivedyesterday, and I spent four hours planting them today…. of course Icould have made that time much shorter by using the two monthsthat I’ve been waiting for them to dig the holes, amend the soil, orassemble their wire cages… might have made sense, yeah? So when Ifinally did finish all this I tramped inside completely exhausted andberating myself for my own pansiness, thinking it was only nine o’clock. Turns out it was actually one in the morning and that my watch had stopped four hours ago. -laugh-

So I’m tired quite a bit, what with the physical tolls of the studiomanager job, Behnke’s, my own garden, and biking to work every day. Would that all that effort would, you know, have some positive physicaleffect -sigh-. I must admit I’m not totally dedicated to getting buff,though, or I wouldn’t have semi-quit Ultimate Frisbee. I loved itwhen I tried it – it’s a great game with easy rules, played with anamiable and relaxed group of people – but I just don’t want to give upanother day of my weekend (I frequently have to work Sundays) only tocome home super-tired.

Pottery’s going fairly well in spite of that. I don’t have a lot of time to do it in, but I still manage to get on the wheel once in a while. I’ve gotten five special orders in the past month, one of them my largest one yet and at the same time the one that calls for the most creativity on my part; I’m really excited to begin.I’m signed up for a large fair in July, and in the mean time I’m trying to make at least one perfect example of every item I can make, so I can take photographs and stick them up on my website. I’ve applied to other summer fairs as well, but haven’t heard back yet. I’m determined to do larger fairs from now on, and have been trying to purchase a tent for that purpose, but Sam’s Club keeps having them out of stock, or something, so at this point I’m not sure I’ll get it for my next fair on May 13th (the Greenman Festival: a hippy-dippy fair that I made special incense burners for. -grin-)

Anyway. I think it’s time for bed now; the serendipitous combination ofa tall Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, an extremely long and physicallytaxing day, and the hypnotically repetitive music of Josh’s Legend ofZelda game has got me feeling particularly incoherent. -laugh-

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