Some pictures, finally

Here’s a glance at our future mini-farm. Remember back when I posted these satellite pics?

Well, the measurements and area calculations are ALL WRONG, so pay no attention to those. But the lines and the shape of the future farm is roughly correct. Except smaller – I don’t know where I got those area calculations, but once I’d actually measured it (instead of relying on replicating Google’s scale tool), it came to 40′ across the top, 113′ down the East side, and I think 126′ across the bottom… about 5,000 sf total. (If my embarrassing failure of a mess of math skills hasn’t let me down yet again.)

If you were wondering why in previous posts I was complaining about slaving in there for a whole week in order to clear it out for the contractors just to be able to come visualize and give me estimates, this is why:

You should really click to enlarge it; the little pic doesn’t do it justice. The whole woods is barely passable in the dead of winter. During summer, you can’t see 5 feet ahead of you. It’s a jungle out there. I slaved for a week with a little handsaw and a pair of hand loppers, and here’s where I am now:

Lookin’ good.

That picture is facing South-East: to take it I’m standing on the North-West boundary corner, where the main entrance will be (the whole thing will be surrounded by 8′ deer fence, so it’s good to remember to plan for entrances). Here’s a picture looking vaguely South/South-West:

I’m standing in the middle of the future orchard, next to the future apiary and the future chicken coop. That rise to the right is actually backfill from when they dug the pool (ugh, the pool) and will probably end up being my vineyard because of the superior drainage. I’ll end up planting the steeper slopes with lavender for the bees.

I still have to clear a path for the trucks to enter from the North – it’s too wet on the South side. After all this effort, though, the last thing I want to do right now is slog out in 5 inches of snow in 30* weather with a headache. It’s gotta be done before Tuesday, but… maybe I can just rest on my laurels for a couple days more.

Besides, seeing as we’re due for 3′ of snow starting this afternoon (it’s funny to see people stocking up on Superbowl foods all in a panic because they’re afraid they’ll get snowed in before the big game. The grocery store was *empty* of junk foods and so crowded that I had to finegal to just get SofĂ­a and I a shopping cart. Josh says the liquor store was so packed he could hardly move – luckily he doesn’t drink Bud or Miller, so his snobby-beer selection was still ample.) So the workers probably won’t actually come this Tuesday anyway. Well, the longer they delay, the longer I can put off having to shell out for landscape timbers!

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