Sad March Garden.

It’s April Fool’s Day, and the Museum of Hoaxes has up a list of the top 10 best april fool’s jokes ever. Just to let you know. You should check d00d out.

In other news, not only is the arbor up, but I outfitted it with fourleaded glass mission-esque lamps from Crate & Barrel. The garden’slooking pretty sad right now, I must admit – but we went to Behnke’stoday in an attempt to remedy that. $71 later (yay, 40% employee discount! -grin-) and I’m feeling betterabout it; a gorgeous blue-purple clematis to climb the climbing roses (itty-bitty right now, to be sure); afragrant peony to shield the rose’s feet; white phlox and tall foxglovesto frame the whole arrangement. And our six birch trees for the backslope will be delivered on Tuesday morning. :)

I also went to the studio to pick up the last of the planters I’dthrown. A large terra cotta one got filled with cascading thyme,variegated oregano, grey-green broadleaf sage, and in the middle, alittle feathery fountain of bronze fennel. A small bowl-like one willget filled with bright old-fashioned marigolds, and a blue-purple one,the biggest one yet, is waiting for my dark red and pink orientalpoppies.

There was some trouble with Pickering Nurseries; I called them a long time ago and got them to agree to ship my roses on March 14th. No go – I called them a couple days ago and they were like “What? We have no idea what you’re talking about”. So my roses still haven’t shipped. I have to wait till April 17th.

Josh’s parents are coming the first week of May, and I so wanted the garden to be gorgeous for them!!! -pout- I’m so excited they’re coming, and it’s going to be awesome to have them here for Josh’s birthday. But I guess some small part of me still wants everything to be just perfect regardless of how realistic that is. At least the birch trees will be up, and the arbor is long done!

And the lilac has decided that it’s going to flower after all:

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  1. songspinr Says:

    pictures of arbor???

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