C’est fini!

A pic taken from the hillside, and one that Josh took from the upstairswindow just after I’d driven in the last screw. I think it looksfabulous – just exactly the way I’d pictured it – and it makes me evenprouder that I did the whole darn thing all by myself! Kudos tomy dad for teaching me about the virtues of power tools from a young andtender age. -grin-

I also managed to get all my tree-trimming done, as you can see from the pile of scraps and tree-bits on the patio. :)

Now I hafta go out and prepare the soil at the base of the two frontposts… my roses are being shipped tomorrow! Stay tuned once a month orso to my gardenblog to see the roses growing and blooming up the arbor. Theyprobably won’t get very big for another couple years, so I’ve planned ongrowing filler vines (Sweet Autumn Clematis, Black-eyed-Susan Vine, andMoonflower) in the mean time – and those should shoot up and flower allover the place.

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