Catching up on crafts

I just realized I never showed you SofĂ­a’s new jacket. How could that happen?…

…Oh. Because I finished it at 3am the night before leaving for vacation, and then proceeded to forget all about blogging. Right. Well, better late than never!

The outside is a supersoft wool that I felted up a bit in the washing machine before cutting. That had the advantages of not only making it thicker, but ensuring that I wouldn’t have to hand-wash it or dry-clean it in the future. The torso and hood are interfaced with wool batting and the sleeves and skirt have a double thickness of cotton flannel. This coat will keep my baby warm, baby.

And… did you notice? The lining is an Eric Carle print. From The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Remember that book?

I ordered the fabric online, again from I’ve had good luck with them.

But have you any idea how much guts it takes to order that kind of color combination without being able to see it or touch it?

I’ll tell you, I was this close to wimping out. I’m glad I persevered.

(Why yes, I do make these for sale. -wink-)

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