This blog is no longer what it once was.

I originally set it up in grad school, just for myself mostly. It was a way for me to write out my ideas and see them in print (I’m a very visual thinker), judge them and work them out before writing papers on them. I posted nothing of my daily life; it was just an academe’s thought space. Hence the title.

Now it’s a different beast entirely. What do I write about except things related to my daily life and things I make?

Brace yourself for a long-winded backstory.

Have you ever read Orson Scott Card’s Maker series? It follows the life of Alvin Miller, who journeys through an alternate US history where people have “knacks”, or special talents. Growing things, or weaving cloth that never frays, or knowing where to find water. Alvin, seventh son of a seventh son, finds that his knack involves the shaping of matter itself. His knack is for making things – he is a Maker.

So, well… our world doesn’t happen to grant us magical talents. Still, the urge to create is the same. Working at an art studio for two years introduced me to so, so many of these people. Crafters, glass artists, crocheters, sewers, gardeners: Makers all.

I’d like to include myself in that group. And what is this blog about, except what I’ve accomplished with these two hands? The title “Think Space” doesn’t fit any more. (Personally, I don’t think a recipe for homemade yogurt is a very intellectual subject. Is a tomato-basil salad worth of inclusion in a “thought space”?)

So I’m considering a new title, one that fits more comfortably. And it would be nice if it had the word “Maker” in it too. But I can’t think of anything compelling enough. It’s time to put it out there in the public arena. So come on, chime in… suggestions? Please?

9 Responses to “Evolution”

  1. Aunt Nancy Says:

    Diana’s Knacks and Yacks . . .

  2. Matt L. Says:

    I like any sort of pun with the word “crafty” in it — questions like this seem like good territory for josh! He’s a thesaurus of puns.

  3. Rose Says:

    Two Hands…
    Steady Hands…
    Made With Two Hands…

  4. Linda K. Glover Says:

    Pioneer Woman

  5. Amber Says:

    Just so you know- when someone very recently asked me- “What would you like out of life?” I LITERALLLY said, “I want to be like my friend Diana when I grow up.” I kid you not.
    I luv your blog, you shush.

  6. diana Says:

    MWAH I love you too! You know, anyone who wants is welcome to come in spring and trade labor for room and board. Hey, we’ll make it more enticing by calling it an “immersively educational homesteading internship.” How ’bout that? 😀

  7. debbie swickard Says:

    how about “Makin’ It On the Farm” or perhaps “FarmMaker”

  8. Luke Says:

    Seriously, I’m ordering this series right now. I rest reread all of Cards Ender’s Game series (from 7th grade!), and really enjoy his writing. It’s easy for my feeble brain to connect to.

  9. diana Says:

    I love this series! I haven’t read it since I was 13 or so, but it’s one of those series that’s been really important to me.

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