Arbor beginnings!

Okay, all of you who pay any attention to this blog know that I’ve been whinging all winter about my cravings for arbors and climbing roses. And I finally started last week, when we had a couple of freak 86 degree days. Of course now it’s considerably colder:

Okay, so it hasn’t actually snowed in a couple weeks. Daffodils are all up, and cherry and dogwood buds are just busting to open up. The Bradford Pears lining the streets are in full-on white-cloud-glory mode, and every time I go anywhere under them I’m reminded of Anne Shirley’s reaction to the boulevard of apple trees she passed under on her way to Green Gables. It’s not quite a White Way of Delight, but it comes closer than anything else this side of fiction.

But it is cold! Getting down to the 20’s tonight. (I had to wrap up my recently purchased Abraham Darby rose in an old towel). I tried to finish the arbor tonight, but not only did I have to pack the car for tomorrow’s fair, it’s awfully hard to drive screws accurately when you can’t feel your fingers anymore. So perhaps I will finish tomorrow after the fair, or maybe I’ll wait till Sunday. It’s been an awfully physical week, after all, and all I have left to do is screw in the rafters!

In the mean time, here’s a couple “before” pictures as teasers:

In other news, I started my job at Behnke’s today (the reason I boughtthe Abraham Darby). While the employee discount is a substantial 40% andI thought I could put up with most anything in order to get it, since Ilike working with people and plants both, I have to say I was verydisappointed today. They’d praised my education and plant knowledge inthe interview, and yet had me doing nothing but schlepping heavy plantsall day and deadheading greenhouse plants – in other words, the mostmenial labor (the same things the slack-jawed, gum-chewing high schoolstudent employees were doing). I know, I know, I should have expected it- but somehow I was hoping that they’d try to come up with a use for mymanagement skills and intelligence at the same time as they put me towork. And the work day is heavily regimented: I hadn’t realized how muchI value having the freedom to structure my own day, but being toldprecisely when I may take my one ten-minute break, and knowingthat I have to ask permission to take a half hour for lunch really rubsthe wrong way.

So while I love Behnke’s, I’m now wondering whether it’sreally worth the 40% discount. Maybe I should just get my largepurchases, and then quit – though I’m not that opportunistic, and I’dlike to be able to show my face around there again. In any case, I’monly working there perhaps 8-10 more weeks, only one day a week, somaybe I can put up with it. It was just a disappointment, and no fun atall in the cold.

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