$2.00 for 100 pounds

Just scored again at the grocery store. I found an old withered 5 pound bag of small red potatoes on half-price sale. It wasn’t hard to see why they were on sale: they were probably one day away from the grocery’s dumpster. Withered, scarred, calloused, and… sprouting. All of them. Just little tiny buds with a hint of green in them, perhaps just one little leaf scale or two…

Of course I snatched them up. A family of two is supposed to plant 10 pounds of potatoes per year, but guess how much seed potatoes cost online? $10 for 2.5#. Plus another $10 for shipping, per bag. I don’t know about you, but $80 seems like a lot to spend on potatoes.

But here’s a little bag for $2.00, already sprouting so I know they’ll be on time for the season. There were, I don’t know, 20 potatoes in that bag? Each of which (if I’m lucky, which I never have been yet with potatoes) will produce another 5 pounds of its own. In my book, that works out to pretty much free.

Can we even eat 100 pounds of potatoes? Should I even bother scouting out that additional 5 pounds I’m also supposed to plant?

One Response to “$2.00 for 100 pounds”

  1. Rose Says:

    You know they might not all produce what they are supposed to produce…some might go bad or get infiltrated by moles or et cetera. But yeah, you can easily eat 100 pounds of potatoes!!! The problem will be storing them! 😉

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