Meet the pants

Here’s the latest addition to Sofía’s wardrobe: red featherwale cordurouy overalls. They’re repurposed from a new dress of Grandma K’s – she didn’t like the way it hung she asked if we wanted to use the material. I took one look at the pleats, the ready-made button seams and armholes and the softness of the cordurouy and said “sure!”

I used a current pair of Sofía’s overalls to trace the basic pattern. (I really should have taken a picture of the dress as it was before so that you could see the transformation. Maybe “taking more ‘before’ pictures” should have been my New Year’s Resolution instead of flossing.)

The pleats, buttons, and waist seam were all part of the sides of the original dress; basically what I did was cut a slice out of the center of the dress and join the two sides closer together. I even used the very bottom of the armholes to start the curve up to the top of the bib. So all I had to sew, basically, was the bib, straps, center and leg seams. I also raised the waistline to be Empire – I think that looks so cute on little tykes. I was very worried about how the pleats would interact with the curve of the inner leg seams, but I think it looks fine.

The filigree “S” on the front is a little piece of embroidery my parents brought back from Mexico for Sofía. I covered the edges in satin ribbon and added a bit of lace trim around the top of the bib to match. It was fun to finally find a use for my invisible monofilament thread.

Sofía seems to like it: she noticed the S while getting dressed and kept tapping it and saying “es. es.” So I told her “It’s an S for Sofía!” She got all wiggeldy-excited and walked around all day tapping her chest and saying “eh fowa su-EE-a!”

3 Responses to “Meet the pants”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh reminds me I have a dress for you to work your magic on. It’s too small for my rib cage and it had some cute parts I think you could use:)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    so cute and so creative.

    glad you could use the “S” and that Sofia noticed–wow.

  3. debbie swickard Says:

    How ADORABLE!!! You are so talented, sweetie.

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