Blogly woes.

WordPress has its good points. I do so enjoy being able to use the mouse when writing blog entries, instead of having to move the cursor around with the arrow keys. (In fact, writing it as if it’s a word document instead of an html file is really quite nice). I like the ability to get comments, and the neato image-resizing tools and the sidebars. I really like the theme pretties. Ooh, cosmetics. -grin-

But there’s been a couple things that are just buggin’ me. My main concern is why the images (okay, single image) I put in hangs down and obscures the post before. Super annoying. I tried four or five different themes, and it acts the same on all of them, which makes me think it’s an overarching WordPress problem … but Josh says no. Who knows? Maybe the problem will disappear as I put up more posts. Huh.

OK, my second bug is really more of a jab at the theme designer. I loved the theme, even though it had “Audyasha: expression [-]less” gayly splashed across the top. That’s all right, I thought as I previewed it; that’s probably just the title of the blog, and it will change and become my title when I upload it. Hrmph. No. Question: does the designer really think that anyone is going to want to blog under someone else’s name? (Specifically, as he says, “some cute girl” that he named the style after?)

audyasha text

So I stayed up till about three am last night trying to figure out how to elegantly erase the words from the image. I am no photoshop guru, so I failed miserably and instead settled for just painting a box over it. There. Fixed. And it looks fine. -nod- This makes me super proud of myself, because I figured out where to plug it in and how to move it – and what file needed changing in the first place – all by myself. Josh was off in a corner by himself doing trigonometry. (Yes, really.)

I still can’t get the favicon to change. I could only save my new favicon () as a .jpg, and the old one is a .ico, and I can’t seem to just write over the thing (duh) so for that I will have to bat my eyelashes and appeal to the Men.

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  1. Ann Says:

    Hey Diana–I like your new format. And just wanted to let you know that I’m stalking you :) -Ann

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