Home sweet home

People have been bugging me to put up pictures of all the homeimprovements we’ve (well, I’ve) done – so I figured I’ll finallyget around to it as the turkey’s roasting and I have nothing else to do. But I don’t actually have that many pictures, I discovered – I tend toget so excited about a project that I start it right away, alwaysforgetting to take “before” shots and then, wondering if the “after”shots would be worth it without them, don’t take them either. Theshelves which now line the shed walls, for instance, or theunder-cabinet lighting that I installed, or the new brand-roof. Itoccurs to me now that after burning – oh, I’m sorry, investing -nearly $9,000 in home improvements, perhaps I should be more assiduouslydocumenting my efforts. -laugh-

So here are the few that I have to share: even some pics of its newinterior colors. I did all the work myself, except for the patio(I’m a man, baby, yeah!). Enjoy!

Here’s the bathroom before I worked on it. It was just like the rest of the house: bare white walls and bottom-of-the-line everything.
I painted it two colors of paint and added a chair rail made of real stone tiles:
Here’s our new stove:
And fridge:
We also had to replace our window trim because it was rotted through.
The moulding tore off in my hand and crumbled to pieces. I didn’t even need to pry at it.
I added some decorative trim and a glossy coat of good paint:
I painted the whole house interior:
And together we installed a new patio in the back yard.
In the kitchen, I first installed shelves:
then a potrack:
I also installed new lights in the dining room:
And kitchen:
And entryway:
There was a random banister in the living room, connecting the (equally random) pillar to the wall:
I tore it out and installed a built-in-bookcase. I sanded, sealed, and finished the boards myself.

We still have a few more things on our list: I want to take out the ugly metal folding doors in the kitchen and make that nook into a pantry with nice cabinets; Josh really wants to replace the downstairs carpet and 80’s linoleum with some new Pergo flooring. And of course we’re erecting an arbor over the patio this spring, just as soon as I get the approval from the HOA. It’s been really a lot of fun doing all this stuff – and I’ve learned so much! Probably my favorite part, though (besides getting to live with the neat-o improvements, of course!), has been getting Josh to agree that I’m awesome every time I work on the plumbing or electricity. -grin-

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