More garden wanking

I’ve finally decided on roses, as those of you (all 1 of you, includingmyself -laugh-) who read my garden page already know. AbrahamDarby will go on the south-facing fence, and I think I can plant twovarieties together on the arbor – these will be GingerSylabub (I’ve already ordered it from Canada) and Gloire deDijon (for the old rose fragrance). I’ll eventually end up with themcompletely taking over the vegetable patch, but they shouldn’t get thatbig in just a few years.

I’m going kind of rose crazy this year, I guess; in addition to the three roses in back (as opposed to the one that I originally meant to order), I’m planting Heritage in the front yard and Felicia for the base of the lamp post.

I got all my seeds in a couple days ago – and learned about thestrangest coincidence. I’ve been ordering from Burpee’s Seeds for years, and a coupleweeks ago I checked my account to make sure I hadn’t double-orderedsomething and found out that every time I’ve placed my winter order withthem I’ve done it on the 20th of January… (ok, once on the 21st, butclose enough for government work, eh?). Weird.

It’s just started getting frigid again here, and it’s supposed to snow again on Friday (for the second time this whole winter) -sigh- I guess the lack-o-winter couldn’t last forever. The cherry trees, winter jasmine, and forsythia are in their full flush of bloom. My irises are 11″ out of the ground and all my daffodils (and even my peonies!) are poking up. Some of the seeds that self-sowed last year have sprouted good-sized seedlings. It may all die back… at least the dogwood hadn’t quite bloomed yet, and neither did our weeping cherry. So that’s a good thing – I was gonna be majorly pissed if I lost both first-year displays to some freak weather accident.

I blame it all on the SUVs.

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