5 of 5 and good so far

The cake, it has been baked.

Sifting. Fancy.

And I got to use my homemade organic buttermilk, too. Almost the whole quart I made fresh yesterday. I love how I don’t have to buy that stuff any more.

I made a double batch and it just baaaarely fit into my big mixer. It turned out five layers: three 9″ and two 8″.

So I have options, again. Do I go wedding-fancy and do a 3-layer 9″ tier under a 2-layer 8″ tier? I really want to, because when am I ever again going to get a chance to bake a cake this fancy? I just don’t want to be presumptuous, all like “here I made you a wedding cake because I am so awesome”, or have it come across as my not thinking that they weren’t married before… so maybe I should scale back a little and only bring a 2-to-1 layer cake? Or just a single, 3-layer, 9″ cake, like a birthday cake?

But that means I would be left with leftover cake layers at home. All day. Unsupervised. And boy did the batter taste good.

Well, they’ll chill all night and I can decide for good in the morning, when the time comes to assemble them. At which time I will also (still) have to decide what kind of filling they get! I’m thinking of wimping out and just going with a ginger syrup and a curd made of peach-nutmeg puree. I probably shouldn’t experiment on someone else’s cake!

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