Near death

So I caught something, from someone, on Wednesday and on Friday I already feel like I’m being dragged through the mire of death. I can’t remember ever having a cold this badly (or painfully). I can’t swallow, I’m running a fever, I can’t breathe, my lungs hurt when I cough, and now my ears and head are getting in on the action and providing little (not so little) aches of their own.

Josh was amazing and took today off work to baby me, and a couple hours later I already feel a bit more human (even human enough to go downstairs and back up again!) He called his dad to find out what to get me and came back from the store with dayquil, sudafed, tylenol, grapefruit juice, crackers, and chicken broth, and I’ve now got a little pharmacy buffet by my bedside. -laugh-

It was just a bad time to happen though, because I just got this job as studio manager and I was just getting on top of the responsibilities. Now my coworker Barb has to fill in for me with this children’s workshop I was supposed to help run, and I have a bunch of kiln stuff that I need to get fired by Tuesday (the kids’ last class) so I need to load that all up on Sunday. I hope I’m better by then. I hope I’m better even by tomorrow, because Behnke’s nursery was having an herbal soap making workshop that I really, really, REALLY wanted to take part in. And on Sunday they’re having a lecture about “horticultural secrets” – I could always use some more tips on how to grow things well, cuz my green thumb only gets me so far.

Maybe by Sunday I’ll have recrossed the border from zombiehood to actual human again. Cross your fingers for me.

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