It’s not for the money, really.

I really hate it when I buy beautiful glass-jarred candles that leave half the wax behind them when they finally burn out. It seems so wasteful – I want more candle from my candle.

I found a pumpkin-scented candle at Target some time before Christmas. I loved the smell so much – like baking pumpkin pie! – that I burned it all the time and it soon met its end.

Undaunted, I remembered that they sell candle-making supplies at Michael’s, and went in search of wicks. I bought the long string kind, not the individually-waxed-and-based kind, and melted my wax.

I tried over a double burner first, but quickly moved on to using several short bursts in the microwave. Still, I thought this picture was pretty. So there ya go.

Once the wax was melted, I cut a length of wick, dipped it in wax so it would be stiffer, and slipped the end into a paperclip to provide a base for it.

Plunge the wick into the middle, make sure it can stand up, and…

Another few weeks of pumpkin-pie house.    

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