Is drool a good fertilizer?

So I’ve started getting new garden catalogues with a vengeance. It’sfunny – they’re one of the only catalogues that I don’t mind getting (Idon’t know how Victoria’s Secret keeps finding me, when I haven’tordered anything from them in three years and have moved three times!).I got five in the last two weeks alone, mostly seeds, but one from Stark’s Bros that has fruit trees and bushes. I love looking through them to see what’s new, even if they’re a disreputable company that I would never, ever order from (if you get a garden catalogue from a company you’re unfamiliar with, always look them up on Dave’s Garden Watchdog: the company ratings there have always been 100% consistent with my own experiences).

In retrospect, though, maybe it’s not such a good idea for me to appease my craving for green, lush growing things by poring over media that really could let me realize my garden fantasies – for a price. I put post-it notes in all the catalogues with stuff I’d get in an ideal world, and not only would I not have any space to put them, but I’d be about $150 in the hole. And that’s not counting the sky pencil holly, nandina, Heritage rose, Noisette climbing rose, and grape arbor that we’re putting up in the spring.
So I’m not going to be indulging my fantasies of a 30-acre gardenany time soon, but I do have a short(ish) list of things I’d like toget. I’ve been throwing pots for the garden, and I’d like to have lotsof cascading plants blooming in containers all the heck over the place. I’ve thrown a couple of fairly large pots, and I’m planning on orderinga super-dwarf peach tree and a “colonnade” apple tree – it gets 8′ tall,but only 2′ wide! It just looks like a stick with apples stuck on it. :)I’m also going to get a blueberry bush (I ordered one last spring but itnever came – NEVER order from Michigan Bulb!). I’m also getting a Meyerilemon tree to keep in a large pot. The other trees can stay outdoors allyear round, but before we get the lemon I’ll have to construct arolly-base for it so we can bring it inside during the winter: pretty simple, though, a PT 2x4x4 cut and screwedinto a square with 4 huge casters on.
So I’m ordering all these food plants because while in the spring Icrave flowers and more flowers, later in the autumn I find my greatestjoy comes from harvesting the fruit and vegetables that I myself haveproduced. But I still have to have flowers out the wazoo!!! I’m planning on starting several from seed: lotsa marigolds and dianthus and nasturtiums, like usual. I’m also going to try growing some bush lupine for the back because of this picture that one of my friends posted on Gardenweb. (Gorgeous, eh? I doubt mine’ll be a success, though, since the seed packet itself says “Not for hot, humid weather” – which describes my summers precisely. Bummer.) I’m also going to germinate a few different varieties of ornamental sunflowers and plant them in little clumps along the back in an effort to separate myself visually from passers-by. I’m planning on planting dwarf sweet peas and phlox in some containers with dwarf artemisia.
In the vegetable garden I’m going to try growing a bush cooking pumpkin called “Cotton Candy” and a “Montreal Market Nutmeg Melon” which is supposed to have an exquisite flavor. I’d really like to grow beans up a trellis, and perhaps some eggplants. Tomatoes, of course, are a garden staple – I was gonna get Burpee’s “Red Lightning” as well as a cascading dwarf cherry tomato for a container. I’m definitely going to plant another herb container: this one ought to have sage, oregano, and rosemary in it, with perhaps some thai purple basil too. And of course we’ll have the regulation basil patch for all our itali-o-licious needs… pesto-chicken pizza, pesto-asiago bread, fresh salad with tomatoes, fresh mozarella, and basil… OK I better stop, I’m making myself hungry.

I guess that “short list” didn’t turn out to be so short, and I’m going to have to cut it back some more – especially since some of the plants I really had my heart set on – double hollyhocks and foxgloves, for example – I was planning to buy at Behnke’s nursery so that they’d flower in their first year and flourish faster.

Anyway, enough talk about plants and vegetables, it’s time to EAT!

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