Pardon the wittering

… but as this homesteading business is so arduous, I’ll likely be posting lots of these little entries. You know, to keep track of the baby steps, for when I write the big book. -wink-

Today I:

  • sowed 1000 sf of rye grass
  • spread 5000 sf of calcium (to sweeten the soil)
  • raked smooth (more like “raked less lumpy” -snort-) the northmost 1300 sf
  • sowed cover crop peas over this (they sure didn’t look close enough together to be any kind of cover crop, but I guess I’ll trust the experts on this one)
  • spread and weighed out tarp over driveway, awaiting tomorrow’s delivery of 3 cy of topsoil
  • painted chicken coop’s red paneling

Oh, didn’t you know about the chicken coop? Well, it’s time I wrote about it because the chicks are arriving March 15th! Get this: it’s a good old-fashioned barter. I’ve got a girlfriend whose husband just happens to be a carpenter (amid a myriad of other astonishing talents such as concrete demolition, as I learned today). This lovely couple needs a seamstress to whip them up a gorgeous re-wedding gown for their big anniversary. Hence, a trade emerged. And boy, am I ever glad it did. I’m getting a gorgeous, custom-build coop that will be ever so much more amazingly better than what I would have built. I hope I designed it right!

We’re going with a red-and-white barn theme, if you couldn’t guess by the color.

Whew, I’m tired. It’s five minutes to midnight now … perhaps my next task is to fall into bed. :)

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